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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Here's a commission I did for Glen up at Incredible Pulp, Narragansett RI. That's my local shop. I like heading up there doing signings and picking up books. Head on down to Rt 108 and check them out in the far back of Mariner Square.

This is obviously Hawk Eye. I don't know a whole bunch about him. Hopefully he's relatively accurate. I picked up a few comics with him to get a feel and bam, here he is in all his water color glory.

If you want a commission, please contact me with your idea and I'll let you know if I can do it and give you a quote. Thanks!

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Unfortunatly I was down with a stomache virus for the first full week of 2006! I was lucky enough to enjoy the ER and get pumped full of liquid and anti-nausa medication. But now! After one of the worst weeks ever, am back and ready for action. 2005 brought me hand surgery in the first week and I had a pretty good year. 2006 will bring me great rewards.

One of the great things I will be working on is a new story for SUMM Publications, called IS POLLY THERE?. Well, that's what its called now. I 'm currently 24 pages into sketching for it and may post some of them here if I like them enough.

I've also been lucky enough to start doing FLATS (color work) for some people I enjoy working with.

Catching Lucifer's Lunch (my first big book) will be published very soon and I will keep you posted. You'll be able to snag the ISBN number here and order from you favorite book stores (i hope!)

Sinn Fien (I did the letters and design) will be hitting the shelves in 2006. Straight from a new-ish publisher, Paper Dragonz.

Deviant Society??? Will 2006 be the year that Barry and Leroy rise up from the depths of the Brothers May's brains and stun the nation? Possibly. Those of you who have picked up A Day in the Psychosis of David Price have already tasted the sweet fruit of the deviants. Just imagine tighter artwork and a fabulous story line. It may happen. Stay tuned.

I'll be wet up at Wizard Philly, Wizard Boston and possibly Maryland. Not to mention other small venues in New England. I'll be walking around San Diego. Sure I'd still do a sketch if you recognize me and I have minute.

Just keep browsing here and at our forum at (powered by Spread the word and help me and my family pay the bills. Heck! You like my work? email me and ask about commissions. I love doing commissions. People ask for the craziest stuff.

Okay that's enough ranting for now. You will hear more. Take care!