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Friday, June 12, 2009


Please let me know which parts are confusing, and/or poorly worded, by contacting me via email. I will fix what I can and provide a newer file for everyone. Here is the file.

You can check out the second half of this tutorial "How to make a proton wand" by clicking here


So, you are getting the new Ghostbusters game next week and your kid is loving it, but wants more. They want a Proton Pack. Where are you going to get one? Who are you going to call? Well, I've put together a short tutorial on how to slap one together with some house hold items. I had most of them laying around my basement or kitchen to start out and I think I did a pretty good job. It's pretty durable (if you use enough hot glue) and the kids will have a field day. I'm mainly doing this, because no one on the web has a quick and easy pack to build for kids. So, here it goes. Just skip the wood and use more cardboard if you're not powertool savvy. I will be posting the first part of the tutorial tonight. It will get you through the pack and evendually I will make one about the proton wand. Good luck!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Shroud Magazine Story #2

I just wrapped on the latest story for Shroud Magazine. The story is written by my brother, T.J. May and I have provided numerous water color illustrations for the story as well as a cover page image. This is a book intended for older readers. This should be in the July issue of the magazine. If you have not picked up the May issue, be sure to head to your local Borders, Barnes and Nobel or grab it from

I'm currently working on a personal project that many fans have been asking about for a few years. I will be sure to post as much information as possible as it becomes available.