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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

:: Build your own EV car! ::

Over the past few years I've become quite greenish. After buying my home, not only did I want to save money on energy costs, but I started to realize how wasteful we have become as a society. I've spent the past few years fantisizing about getting solar energy for my home, owning an electric car and various other fun projects. Being handy has helped me tremendously. Today, while browsing the net, I found this great site. It talks about coverting a existing car into an Electric Car. Very cool stuff. If I had the cash lying around or if my current tiny car dies, I'd consider getting a loan and converting. If I knew the price would really fall in the range they mention. So, go check out the site and if you convert your car after reading the article, please drop me a line.

And I also want you all to remember this: How will we all be able to power our own personal evil robot armies if we waste all the energy now? Put up your solar cells now, get an electric car and start making robots in your machine shops today. Don't wait until it's too late!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Yep. I will be working with my brother and Chris Gugliotti again to bring you the wacky tales of your favorite alien, Zennon. It has been eight long years since you first read Zennon as a wonderful, quirky web comic, brought to you by SUMM Publications. I know you are just dying to read some issues. I'm very happy to announce that the story will be a massive collaborative effort between the three of us and I'm already very excited about some of the ideas that have been thrown table. When I get some more news, YOU will be the first to know.


This year I will have multiple sizes of my robot paintings. I will have 4in and 6in robot heads. I will also be bringing some 8x10 robot busts. I did not have them last year, but they have been selling well at the past few shows I attended. I'm pretty excited about New York, since I will also have buttons, sketchbooks and prints.


For the first time every, I will be offering buttons for sale. Stop by our booth at the New York Comic-con. I will be selling all sorts of robot art buttons. Come quickly. I sold out of everything robot related by mid-day Saturday last year. I was our of paintings on Friday afternoon!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


I just received my giant stack'o Warmageddon books. You should go and check out L Jamal Walton's fantastic $20.00 deal of Warmageddon while he still offers it. It really is a pile and a half of books for the money. Jamal will be doing some coloring on the latest book I worked on, Mr. Phelp's Space Detective from King Tractor Press.


I was looking at the registration information at the connecticon page when I noticed my table on the right hand side, full of my robots! I'm going to do my best to get a table there this year. I may be shacking up with the Comic Artist Guild. I'll keep you all posted.

Friday, February 15, 2008

:: Eagle Awards 2007 ::

Go enter your nominations for the 2007 Eagle Awards for the comic book industry. Vote for me like crazy. LOL. I encourage everyone to try and think of their own nominations and not fall back on the drop down menus for answers. We all have our own minds. Use them well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I may not have been there since the begining, but I've been a listener for quite some time now. Great job Matman and Brian!

Those of you who have not yet discovered, Secret Identity Podcast really need to head over to Or, if you're like me you should, head over to the page where you can click play on the podcast, sit back and enjoy. I usually head down to my dungeon studio in the basement and listen to these guys right off my desktop. I've also got a slew of episodes on my ipod. Any old MP3 player will do. I used my Siren until I recieved a broken ipod from a friend. I fixed it and now it's loaded with SIP.

Just a quick description: These guys keep you up to date on the comics, movie and gaming scene. They have top notch sound and there's no straining to hear anyone on this show. They don't get paid, yet they've hammered through one hundred episodes over the past two years. Every week! So, what are you waiting for? Go check them out.

Monday, February 11, 2008

:: Jason's Movie Corner : KING OF KONG ::

I recently watched a film called The King of Kong. Before I tell you what it is about, I need to let you know that the team that worked on this film did a fantastic job of keeping the viewer in suspense through the whole presentation. Not only did I enjoy this flick, but so did my wife.

With that being said...

This film is a documentary about an every day fellow deciding he's going to be the world record on the retro video game Donkey Kong. Sounds silly, right? This film is anything but silly. The crew takes the whole documentary very seriously, which allowed them to get some incredible scenes on tape. They pit this every day "Joe" (who has a wife, house and kids) against the reigning world champion (from 20+ years ago).

If you have ever aspired to do one great thing in your life, you will relate to the main character. I'm not going to tell you the outcome, because they do such a wonderful job of keeping you at th edge of you seat. Go rent it today. It just came out on DVD a few weeks ago. One of the best films I've seen all year. I imagine it will be nominated for something.

Check out the trailer