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Friday, March 31, 2006

CATCHING LUCIFER'S LUNCH is available in this month's Diamond Previews, Page 326 offered by SUMM Publications. It ships in May. We added an incentive to the deal...We are going to give retailers one free copy for every two that they buy. This will lower you price per unit cost, and increase your profit margin. You can't go wrong!

Check CLL out at

I did all the artwork in this book: watercolors, letters, lay-out, etc... My brother T.J. wrote it. I figure people can print this web page out and bring it down to a local comic shop and at least inquire about the book in hopes that the retailer will pick it up. Especially with the buy two get one free incentive. It's gettig close to the deadline for this month to order and we're hoping with the support of all of our fans, friends and family, maybe, just maybe we'll make Diamonds top 50 for Graphic Novels. You can order this book in many countries even outside US/Canada and Europe.

Thanks for your support


PS: Here's the Diamond Order #s
ISBN 1-59957-353-7

Don't know where there is a comic shop near you?
Call 1-888-comicbook or

Thursday, March 23, 2006

:: OUTAGE ::

Currently, is down. This is the site that we run out domain through. Catching Lucifer's Lunch came out yesterday in Diamond Previews and now no one can access my websites. This seems to always happen somehow around important events like shows, releases and signings. I begining to think that a higher cyber power does not want SUMM Publications to thrive....

Should you be able to visit, please notify me immediatly so I can figure out what's going on.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

:: CLL Diamond Previews TODAY! ::

I called up my local comic shop, The Incredible Pulp, today and talked to Glen (the owner) and was happy to hear he'd be picking up a bunch of my book Catching Lucifer's Lunch. It came out in Diamond Previews today on page 326. Retailer can now place their orders. so, make sure you let your shop know they should pick up my book. It's actually really good.

Sounds like I'll be in San Diego this year at a booth. So stop on by and bring a book to get signed. I may even have a few with me. So... you can risk and try and pick one up at SD, but it'd be awesome if everyone and their mother just picked up CLL and we made it onto one of Diamonds fancy lists. Here's the info again.

The codes are:
APR053349 CLL
APR053350 CLL incentive (this is for the retailer buy 2 get 1 free deal).

Monday, March 20, 2006


It sounds like you may see me at a table with SUMM Publications/ Digital Webbing in San Diego this year. We are in talks with Digital Webbing and have high hopes we'll be enjoying the company of many creators that plaster the boards of Digital Webbing's Forums with banter. If you live on the west coast and have been interested in meeting me, please stop by the booth and say hello. We will be selling of properties to perstpective companies as well. If you are interested in foreign liscencing for our products, please contact our representatives at International Enterpries.

Friday, March 17, 2006

:: Google Me ::

As we creep closer to retailers ordering Catching Lucifer's Lunch I google the book now and again. I just wanted to post those I have found as a way to thank people for posting us.

Comics Continuum
Comic Monsters
Captain Comics #15
Estlin!Dammit! at MySpace
Comic Book Headlines
Mile High Comics
Comic World News (this should be updated) (interview with T.J.)

So... those don't all have to do with CLL, but they are indeed about us. There are a lot more out there too. If you have any interest in interviewing me regarding CLL, drop me a line. I'm not very picky when it comes to interviews, although this book shouldn't be targeted by kids. So! with that being said, please contact me. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

:: Catching Lucifer's Lunch Diamond Order # ::

So you would like to score a copy of Catching Lucifer's Lunch, but you don't know what page it is in Previews? I'll do you one better! Here's the page# and order #.

Page 326

APR053349 CLL
APR053350 CLL incentive (this is for the retailer buy 2 get 1 free deal).

What's that incentive you say!? It's a pretty sweet one. Let your retailers know about that so they can cash in on that bad boy. Why not just snag an extra two for the shop while they order your's???

Please urge everyone you know to pick up this book and remind their retailers about that deal. We're going to try and call as many as we can, but we need all of our friends and fans help. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


We've been asked to put a proposal together for Narwain Publishing. My brother has done some work for them and I guess we've caught their eye with our two man power house team. Due to deadlines and work load we are seeking some help from artists again. If you would like to submit something to us, please email both of us and include links to your artwork. I would like to see 3-5 pages of inkable pencils. Please no attachments, they won't be viewed. Thanks!

Pretty cool to see that Catching Lucifer's Lunch is already getting buzz on the net. We popped up on this site that just gives our preview pages and our basic write up. In any event, it is cool to see. Anyone else interested in posting up links like that are greaty encouraged and appreciated.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Yep, we may very well have to go into a 3rd print run on Ill Conceived. I'm currently working on a new cover for that particular print run. We're pretty excited about its success and we hope to have even more success with CLL. When I'm done I'll post it up here so you can get a sneak peek. After the printing is done we should have plenty of CLL, IC and David Price to go around at the shows. I'm currently toying with the idea of doing $10 and $20 water color sketches. Anyone have any thoughts on that? I'll do my usually $10 robot pencils as well as my free-bee Barry and Leroy sketches in people's sketchbooks. I'll put some samples of sketch ideas once I'm done with the 3-4 books I'm laying out for the cons. Take care.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I had to bang out a sticker asap today to slap on some books. So I threw this together and sent it out to the printer. I'll hear back from the printer soon- I hope.

Short on cash? Need to read some graphic novels to keep up with all the hype? Go down to your local library and see if they carry any graphic novels or if they can order them. Odds are good that they have at least one. My local library has one large hard covered graphic novel. I plan on going down, as soon as my book is printed, and giving them a copy of Catching Lucifer's Lunch and asking if they are interested in starting a graphic novels section.

If you library doesn't offer a graphic novel section, please ask that they start one. I plan on donating my leftovers if my library is interested. I urge you to do the same. Most likely if they become popular the library will order more on their own. Once you've started getting graphic novels and realize what an awesome idea it was to do so, please urge your library to pick up a copy of Catching Lucifer's Lunch or any other work I've had a part in.

Most of my books are available through and CLL is available through the APRIL 2006 Diamond Previews and can most likely be ordered elsewhere via its ISBN 1-59975-353-7. If you're library would like to contact me I'd be happy to assist them in purchasing the book. I'll even check to see if I can offer them a discount. Thanks for all the support! And be sure to support your local library!