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Friday, March 03, 2006


Short on cash? Need to read some graphic novels to keep up with all the hype? Go down to your local library and see if they carry any graphic novels or if they can order them. Odds are good that they have at least one. My local library has one large hard covered graphic novel. I plan on going down, as soon as my book is printed, and giving them a copy of Catching Lucifer's Lunch and asking if they are interested in starting a graphic novels section.

If you library doesn't offer a graphic novel section, please ask that they start one. I plan on donating my leftovers if my library is interested. I urge you to do the same. Most likely if they become popular the library will order more on their own. Once you've started getting graphic novels and realize what an awesome idea it was to do so, please urge your library to pick up a copy of Catching Lucifer's Lunch or any other work I've had a part in.

Most of my books are available through and CLL is available through the APRIL 2006 Diamond Previews and can most likely be ordered elsewhere via its ISBN 1-59975-353-7. If you're library would like to contact me I'd be happy to assist them in purchasing the book. I'll even check to see if I can offer them a discount. Thanks for all the support! And be sure to support your local library!

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