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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Yes. It's really true. Andy is a buddy of mine and I'm going to help him out with all of the stuff he doesn't have time for while he's shooting ridiculous hours of his, soon-to-be, hit reality TV show. I'll be doing things like his dry cleaning, lawn mowing - just kidding.

As many of you know I go to a lot of conventions and I meet a LOT of people. I also dabbled in my own self-publishing venture with my brother T.J. with SUMM Publications. I've made T-shirts, created properties and done every facet of comicbook creation. This is why I want to have some fun with Andy. I hope to bring his fans a ton of fun merchandise, signings, appearances, lectures and much more. For now, just check out Andy's site and look for updates here. If I do any designs or start making merchandise I will post up the graphics here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I just painted this robot holding a pineapple. You may not know this, but the pineapple can be a symbol of hospitality. Perfect for the Holidays wouldn't you say?

As I work on Mr. Phelps Space Detective, I paint a few robots here and there to take a break. Most of these robots are being stock-piled for NYCC and possibly MOCA. I will be posting some of my favorites while I work. If you see something that you have to own, please contact me.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

:: My Largest Robot Painting Yet ::

This is a very large robot painting that I completed just before the Big Apple Convention. I didn't bot bring it with me because it is about four feet wide. It is acrylic on hand stretched canvas. If anyone is interested in purchasing the piece, please contact me.

I will be working on more pieces similar to this one, which was sold at the NYC National Show this past weekend. I should have a variety of pieces by NYCC. If you have any interest in commissions, please contact me:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

: New Website :

I'm constructing a new home page at the moment. Please be patient. I will soon have a newly designed store as well as galleries. I will be able to update the site more frequently with this fun blog. I will also be doing some sketches and posting art on her more often. Thanks! Let me know what you think.