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Friday, January 23, 2009

Second Cigar Box Guitar : Electric Time

This is the second cigar box guitar that I created. I made sure that I added more bells and whistles. There is a nice heal at the base of the neck as well as a volume knob to control the piezo pickup inside. It has a nice bluesy tone to it. It has a standard guitar scale with four strings. I silk screened on my famous "Robots are the New Monkey" graphic and added a matching decal to the head. This guitar sports an oak neck and two stap holders.

Here is a nice shot of the output jack, sound board and sound hole.

Here is a nice heal shot. I decided to leave the back in tact, because I enjoy the text on it.

This guitar is not a wall hanging (although it has a hook). It is fully functional and sounds great plugged into my amp. I will try and get some video footage soon. This guitar is for sale. Please contact me with any questions:

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kindered Hearts Commission

This winter I was commissioned to illustrate and design a cover for a book. My client Stephanie wanted to create a special book to give out to her friends and family with a nice story about a girl fairy who is introduced to her animal counterpart and how she deals with it. With the permission of Stephanie I would like to share the illustration with you. These are some of the final stages of the cover. I will post the final composition soon.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cigar Box Guitar #1 - Roboto

This is a four string cigar box guitar. It is not a wall hanging. In fact, not only does it have good acoustic projection, but you can plug it into your amp with a standard plug. This has a long poplar neck. The box top still opens giving the player access to the electronics. This model has a piezo pickup installed under the sound board. There are two strap connectors, two fantastic resonator eyeballs and a standard spaced guitar scale measuring thirty four inches. Great for guitar slides.

This guitar is for sale. I'm asking $225 for it. Email me for more information (

I will be posting some cigar box amps and other guitars soon.

Friday, January 09, 2009

A Cold Frozen North

It's been cold up here in New England and the days are short. I'm hoping to tuck myself away in my studio and start producing more artwork. I currently have three finished cigar box guitars and hope to get some pictures posted soon. I think with the new year, a new site design may need to be in order, or at a least a gentle overhaul and facelift. Hopefully the new year will bring more and more opportunity to create, for myself and my fellow artists. Be sure to support your local arts in the tough times.

Watchmen Movie Lawsuit

If you are looking forward to the new Watchmen movie you are going to be sorely disappointed if Fox holds up the release of the film. It will be even worse if they stop the release all together. Here is a little info that I read:

Check it out here.