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Friday, January 23, 2009

Second Cigar Box Guitar : Electric Time

This is the second cigar box guitar that I created. I made sure that I added more bells and whistles. There is a nice heal at the base of the neck as well as a volume knob to control the piezo pickup inside. It has a nice bluesy tone to it. It has a standard guitar scale with four strings. I silk screened on my famous "Robots are the New Monkey" graphic and added a matching decal to the head. This guitar sports an oak neck and two stap holders.

Here is a nice shot of the output jack, sound board and sound hole.

Here is a nice heal shot. I decided to leave the back in tact, because I enjoy the text on it.

This guitar is not a wall hanging (although it has a hook). It is fully functional and sounds great plugged into my amp. I will try and get some video footage soon. This guitar is for sale. Please contact me with any questions:

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