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Friday, March 31, 2006

CATCHING LUCIFER'S LUNCH is available in this month's Diamond Previews, Page 326 offered by SUMM Publications. It ships in May. We added an incentive to the deal...We are going to give retailers one free copy for every two that they buy. This will lower you price per unit cost, and increase your profit margin. You can't go wrong!

Check CLL out at

I did all the artwork in this book: watercolors, letters, lay-out, etc... My brother T.J. wrote it. I figure people can print this web page out and bring it down to a local comic shop and at least inquire about the book in hopes that the retailer will pick it up. Especially with the buy two get one free incentive. It's gettig close to the deadline for this month to order and we're hoping with the support of all of our fans, friends and family, maybe, just maybe we'll make Diamonds top 50 for Graphic Novels. You can order this book in many countries even outside US/Canada and Europe.

Thanks for your support


PS: Here's the Diamond Order #s
ISBN 1-59957-353-7

Don't know where there is a comic shop near you?
Call 1-888-comicbook or

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