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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Linux is good, linux is fun I'm going to show everyone.

So! I took the dive yesterday into the world of Linux by installing it on my new file server that a family member was so gracious to give me. I'm so excited about having a file server of my own and being able to back up all my art files. It's great. I highly recommend Linux to anyone who uses their computer primarily for internet and word processing.

I'd love to go 100% to linux, but I require specific applications like the Adobe suite while working in the comic industry. However! Depending on your skill level you can easily edit and work on image files using Linux's pre-packaged Gimp software, not to mention various other programs that people create for it. And best of all- IT'S FREE!!

When I get my file server up and running I'll let everyone know how much I'm enjoying it. Until then, stop by Ubuntu's website, download the image file (burn it slowly) and boot from the CD to see what you're missing. No strings attached and no worry of messing up your hard drive. (just don't click install on the desktop unless you want it to be your new system right now).

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