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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Art Opening Had a Great Turn Out

I had my art opening in Middletown last night. The pieces will be up until November 29th. I believe the gallery will be open everyday from 11am to 3pm.

I think most of the artists were surprised at the turnout. There were people from all over New England as well as the west coast (which surprised me). I guess they just happened to be in the area.

The vending machine I set up with robot pins and "vintage robot parts" was a hit and I saw a lot of people standing in front of my cigar box guitars. For those of you wondering, "do they work?," the answer is yes. After the show we took them off the wall, plugged them into the P.A. and had a little fun. I suppose I should have done that during the show, but I'm not all that proud of my guitar skills.

Stop by the gallery and check out the works. You can also grab t-shirts and other robot goodies at the merchandise counter. We have prints, comic books, sketchbooks, plastic die-cut robot heads, toys and much more!

Thanks to everyone that came. I enjoyed talking to you all about robots, comics and my guitars. I will be posting more guitar pics here soon. I have a six string that is almost done and I just recieved 18 boxes to start new ones. Contact me for commissions, I know that a few people has asked me if I could build them custom guitars. I most certainly can. Just contact for details.

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