Rob Bot Robot Mechanic Halloween Special. On sale now!!

Get them while they last. Rob Bot sets out on some fun strange journeys filled with technoghosts, gremlins, specters and much more. Get it today for the low price of $3.50 USD! Comes autographed with sketch on inside-back-cover!


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Rob Bot Robot Mechanic Halloween Special is ALMOST HERE!!!

It's almost off to print! I am sitting in my studio finishing off the final page of Rob Bot Robot Mechanic Halloween Rob-Usto Special! Whew!! A mouthful. With that being said, you can pick up your copy at the Big Apple Convention in New York City in October. After that, if it is not sold out, I will have copies at the Addam's Family gallery show in Middletown CT. I think I will have to do another print run soon, because I feel that people may order these off the web like hotcakes. One can only hope. Rob is a very popular guy and I want to make sure there is enough to go around.

Just a reminder, I swindled a bunch of accomplished writers and got them to write stories. You can get your dose of Joe Caramagna (Iron Man: Armor Wars and much much more) Shawn Granger (Family Bones, Gene Gardens and more) and Steven Withrow (Toon Art, Creating Graphic Novels and much much more). Please support the book. It's self published and was a lot of work. If it takes off, I can concentrate on the art and hire people to do the dirty bits for me. Thanks all!!

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