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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


"It may not look like much kid..."

I have really needed some sort of storage for my 11"x17" comicbook boards for quite some time now. This Christmas I was happy to receive a router and table! How exciting. So I gathered up some of my scrap wood and busted out this fancy, Mad Max style shelving unit.

Look how beautifully my A3 scanner sits on there. I've got room for my books full of artboards as well as some narrow shelving up top for inks and pencils. I have an extra slot for another shelf in the future which will help out even more. I'm hoping it will help me with my work-flow. Currently, almost 80 pages of Mr. Phelps arwork resides in this small tower. I'm within six pages of completion and I can't wait to announce when I'm done. Stay tuned!

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