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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm an Accentric Artist

For quite some time I have wanted to get some items for my shop. One item in particular would be some sort of lab coat. I look back to movies like Frankenstien for inpiration on this. I wish that it was easy to get your hands on a side button down lab coat with a collar. It would protect all of my clothes depending on which ridiculous project I was working on next. I've had things explode all over me, or at least spatter back at me. Unfortunately, it seems I can only find regular, mundane lab coats. I have to say, I'd even take one of those.

Look at this fancy fellow on the left. His tie is left wide open to be spattered. At least most of my clothes would be protected.

Then there are the matter of saftey. My eyes are important. Without them, I wouldn't be able to draw, paint, build odd objects or play video games. I have various types of eye protection, but I think I would really enjoy something a bit more outlandish like a pair of panser goggles. Or even the pairs pictured here.

It is no surprise that many of my friends refer to me at their friend, "Jay-the mad scientist." I enjoy that. Mainly because I can build my friends just about anything or fix something in my "lab." It's nice having so many tools at my disposal. I find that strange things like lab coats, goggles and numerous other items strewn about my work area helps me be more creative. If any of you out there know where I can find some interesting (and useful) gear at modest prices (after all, mad scientists hardly make a dime) please drop me a line.

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