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Friday, December 23, 2005

This is an illustration I did for a Digital Webbing 'draw-off'. You needed to take any character from DC, Marvel, Image or Darkhorse and give it a Christmas twist. As you can see I chose a group of characters (The Endless from Sandman) from Vertigo (DC Comics) and whipped up a little Xmas Eve action. My brother helped me a bit with the brainstorming and the wife chimmed in a little helping me decide on stockings. Check out the results on DEC 28th at the forum and see if I won. Heck, even better... go now and vote for me! Assuming my brief nudity is acceptable to the forum leaders. I'm waiting to hear back. So, it will be posted soon I guess.

In any event, please commment on the illustration and have an 'Endless Christmas.'

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