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Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Apple Convention 2009

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth especially those who took the plunge and picked up books, paintings or commissioned sketches. I had a great time with my booth mates as well as friends who came by the booth or strolled around with me. I had a few highlights and I'll throw them out in no particular order.

  • Playing the new Super Mario Wii Game (this will be fantastic when it comes out. Hope there's online play.
  • Selling a bunch of Rob Bot books
  • Selling a bunch of Catching Lucifer Lunch books
  • Meeting the folks from Digital ( great neighbors )
  • Sharing a booth with Joe Caramagna and Dennis Budd
  • Getting a bunch of free schwag (especially the DS SD card reader)
  • Seeing Time Square all lit up
  • Being approached by another toy company
  • Having people ask my page rate ( maybe I'll get some work )
That is about all from the Big Apple. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Sounds like I'll be sharing a table at New York Comic Con next year. I was very surprised that Wizard decided to go head to head with it. I'm interested to see what happens and what kind of strings will be pulled. Thank you all!

Currently, my next convention will be the New England Small Press show on July 18th at the Crown Plaza in Warwick RI. I'd also like to squeeze in a Boston show.

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