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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm putting finishing touches on a book for SUMM Publications called, "Catching Lucifer's Lunch." It is a 48 page graphic novella written by T.J. May and art, letters and publication design by myself. It looks like it shaping up to be a fantastic book. I can't wait to see such a large ammount of my own work to hit the stands. Please contact your local stores and bug the heck out of them to carry it. They can contact us direct through It will be released in 2006 but does not have a release date. I hope to get some preview art up here as soon as I finish laying out the pages.

I also am finishing up the publication design on Sinn Fien, a book by Geoff Mosse. It will be published through a company called Paper Dragonz. I did all the letters and publication design. Make sure you pick it up.

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Anonymous said...

I met you at SPX. You guys are pretty cool. Seems like you have your act together. Can't wait to see the new book.