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Monday, November 28, 2005

:: SPX 2005/ Boston cont... ::

Yeah, I know I'm a little late here, but I've been busy with CLL. Check it out! Harvey Pekar (spelling?) I've got his book here somewhere, but I'm too lazy to find it. He was a character. It was fun meeting him. Guess his new book through Vertigo should be out. It's called Quitter

Here's a robot sketch I did.

Here I am in all my glory! I stand, ready for the next comic fan to walk by so I can leap on them like a Jackle and beg them to take notice. Take notice!!

Here's a dude that stopped by a few times to talk. He dug what we were doing and I believe he has a column on-line somewhere. If and when I find out where that may be, I'll post it here.

Ah yes, one of my favorite people to accidentally take pictures of. This fellow writes for TV. He is one funny guy. I enjoy seeing him at the shows. And actually... I think this pict was taken at Wizard Boston 2005.... Oops...

Here's another robot sketch. This one was requested by the kid who owns (geez I hope I spelled that right). I've got his card somewhere. His name is Jason too. And this was Wizard Boston too!

Check it out! Recognize him? That's the guys from Texas Chainsaw Masacre. He also does all sorts of voices for cartoons and anime. That's my bro on the right with a copy of A Day in the Psychosis of David Price in his hand.

Yet another robot sketch. This guy was cool enough to have me draw in his book. Didn't even have to provide paper. He just said, "draw a robot." I don't love doing that, cause the whole idea of paying $10 for a custom robot is to customize him/her/it. But hey! Whatever you want, you get.

Guess that's it. Hope all's well and come see me at That's Entertainment on December 10th, 2005. You can also meet T.J. May and Geoff Mosse too! Not bad!

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