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Monday, November 28, 2005

:: Wizard Boston 2005 ::

I just wanted to post some pictures here of some of the people we met in Wizard Boston this year. This was the first time Wizard had a show in Boston and being locals we thought it would make sense to show up and set up in Artist Alley. You can check out our set up and check out people like this guy who bought out 99th and 100th book of the weekend. Thank you Boston and also others who travelled there for helping us out and supporting small-press!

Anyone recognize this fellow? This is Ethan Van Sciver (currently on Green Lantern). He sat on our right and was really cool. I'm always amazed when I meet someone in the industry who is as sucessful as Ethan is and still he remains cool and down-to-earth. I hear horror stories about some of the "famous" among the industry.

Here's some people who hung out for a bit. We like talking to people, even if they don't pick anything up. Assuming it's a normal conversation.

Here's a robot sketch I did for someone. I believe he asked for some sort of 'franken-bot' made up of different items. He chose the head.

Look who sat on our left. That's right, Jim Starling. He's a pretty cool guy. We enjoyed talking with him and his lady friend. Again, it's always cool finding out who you are sitting next to. They were kind enough to have a pict with T.J. and I. I'm on the right. Man I look good. LOL! I'm just kidding.

Anyway. I can't wait till the next big con. I guess it's going to be Philly? Not sure. I should be there with my newest endevor, Catching Lucifer's Lunch. Written by T.J. May (my bro) and published through us, SUMM Publications. Come see us!

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